The Orange Project

As written a couple of post before, here is the bike for Mr. F.
The starting point is an ugly 1982 Yamaha XV750...

Let's start The Orange Project!
We decided to use the Proto-Moto and the other projects as live catalog for ideas and/or solutions, but the old Benelli tank alone does most of the job. 
It looks like it was made for this bike.

After the tank, an idea for the rear frame

and a fiberglass racing seat.

Trying all together...

...naaa too big!
Cut cut cut!

Now it looks perfect!




About the "little touch of colour" in the previous post...
Here's the work on the two lower rear wishbones of my Elise

All powder coated in KTM orange


New "ertacetal" bushes and ball joints

The old set of rims got the same treatment... ready for some snow tires.


A lot of things going on at once

It's quite a long time from the last (significant) update. And that's not because I've become lazy or something, but because there is so much going on right now and it's hard to cope.. 
"My-favourite-pin-up-ever" and I are having a baby!!! We are very happy and the news left me dazed for a couple of days (let's say a couple of weeks...)
Excited and a little scared all at once...This will be a good new adventure!

I drove 1000km in two days in the "Plan B Truck" to have a photoshoot of the Proto-Moto with the very skilled Daniele Fontanin
It was so exciting! And Daniele is one hell of a man! 
Here are some (really bad) pics of the trip/backstage 



 Wait for the real pics.. 

My car broke down (again..). Two wheel bearings wasted and two wishbones bent, this is a common problem on the first series Elise... So I had to straight the wishbones back and build a reinforcement. Then I decided to change all the bearings, bushes and ball joints. Not a particular difficult work, but it take a lot of time from the bikes...

  Then there will be a little touch of color... wait for updates.

 I have a new project For Mr.F. 
He came to me with an old Yamaha Virago, in really bad shape... 

Here a sneack peek of the project...
Ladies and gentelman, let me introduce you THE ORANGE: 

We decided to use the Proto-Moto and the other projects as live catalog for ideas and/or solutions, so from now on, this bike will have the priority on the other projects. 

 We've finally met "Cal Look" Francesco and his florence accent :-) 
I've helped him to adapt a Sachs rear monoshock to his "Aprilia Pegaso Flat track project" with some cuttting/welding and bearings job, and I can't wait to see the finished bike!! 

The Sonic Engine is finally ready and mounted in the frame! 

Thanks Tiziano!
There will be a specific post for it later...

And last, but not least:
I kept working on The Sumo with some little but important updates and on the Proto to fix some engine problems...

I think this is it for now... Updates soon (I hope)