The Orange Project update

A bit of "light" in the engine department, starting from removing the black spray paint coat (?!), some polishing and a new finned engine cover.



And after:

Same treatment to the old carbs... How can anyone think spraypaint is a good idea?

To be continued...


The Orange Project

As written a couple of post before, here is the bike for Mr. F.
The starting point is an ugly 1982 Yamaha XV750...

Let's start The Orange Project!
We decided to use the Proto-Moto and the other projects as live catalog for ideas and/or solutions, but the old Benelli tank alone does most of the job. 
It looks like it was made for this bike.

After the tank, an idea for the rear frame

and a fiberglass racing seat.

Trying all together...

...naaa too big!
Cut cut cut!

Now it looks perfect!