Because today it's raining...

...some pictures of The Orange Project in the sun.
I know the line isn't complete without the headlamp, but shapes and proportions change in an open space and I like to change prospective once in a while.


Talking about the sun...


The Dirt One number plate

Actually it will be a multi pourpose piece of aluminium...
Front number plate, headlamp and control panel, all in one.



The USD forks armada

Work on four projects at the same time is really hard, but some extra caffeine can do miracles...
In order: The Orange Project, The TR-1, Max's Thrux and The Dirt one


Max's Thrux

Working on the new front end for Max's EFI Triumph Thruxton 900...Plan B style

TR-1 streap tease

A rainy day, some good music, a cup of coffee... 
I can think at only few better feelings than this...

After the usual mess, it's time to clean the workshop a bit and fit the new front end and spoke wheels

18" at the front and a beefy 160 on a 17" rim at the back