Non-motorized project

My good friend Feib has recently started playing with some electronics and stuff. 
He is a musician and is building some amazing effects units and pedals for guitar and bass. 
I've helped him with the enclosure for the "BASSDRIVE", everything builded from scratch with salvages. In a perfect Plan B style.

It looks really good and it sounds great too!


The Orange final shape

I know I'm not that good with photos, but I think the bike is coming along nicely. 
There is still a lot of work to do, but see the shape of the bike is really a good sensation.

Come say "hi" and see the bike(s) in person anytime!


A little touch of colour

Starting moving around some electric bits, took a chance to fit a new hi-performance/vintage style spark plug wire

I forgot to take pictures on the other side...

Oh... and yes, the new front end is almost done.


The Orange Project front end assembly

A bit of machining needed to fit the Brembo caliper with the spoke wheel.
Once again thanks a lot big Ezio!

Brake rotor and tire on their way

What the...

Today I was moving the TR-1 in the workshop, when I noticed a little "upgrade" from the previous owner...

A matchstick in the tachometer...
Maybe the original project was to light it up at a certain speed... or maybe this is Mac Gyver's bike.
Don't know, but some people are definitely strange...