You will see it only if you know it's there...

In the attempt of keeping down the temperature under the seat of "The Dirt-One" (all the electronics packed in such a small place can become very hot), I decided to turn all the alluminium plate under the seat in a big dissipator.

Also made an extention to act as mudguard/airbox

It looks like the rear diffuser on sports cars

Almost invisible when everything is in place... but you know it's there..

Thanks Enrico!


The TR-1 Top Yoke

In order to set the right ride height and bike geometry, I had to fabricate a new top yoke to raise the front end a bit

Halfway through


Machines are great, but nothing beat the "hand finish". So, after several hours of smoothing, sanding and buffing, here it is .

Actually this is only the first round of polishing, the detailng will be done later on the build.


Other than brace the forks in the new position, the round-ish design let the top yoke "hug" the usual Plan-B-tacho-pod and keep it closer to the rider.
There is still room for some pilot lights and toggle switches...