Yamaha "Silver Harrow" (name might change...)

Still some work to do, more than I wished for to be honest, some bodywork, some machining and a bit of polishing, but finally off the table after a long time. 
Engine runs, wiring done, and the "stance" is there. Pretty straight forward, without too many whistles. A clean "modern" café racer. 
Happy about it.


New year, new me. The Kawasaki Mach IV "Purple Haze" begins

 After an electric bike it seems about right to balance things out with an old and smokey two stroke.

Kawa Mach IV 750, the motor came completely empty and it took me ages to seek all the parts. 

Now that I've (hopefully) find every single last bit it was time to refurbish the crankcase. Not a straight forward job, but it now spin straight with all new shiny components.

Next step is to try convert the engine to a dry clutch system, bore it to 800cc and figure out a way to make it fuel injected. Not a single boring day ahead.

With blackjack and hookers (cit.)

  I wanted to do this for a long time now, and sometimes thing just work out by their own. 

After an increasing disinterest about the current social media platforms and the recent definitive ban from Facebook after a hacker attack, I think it was about time to re-discover the blogger "vibe", like when I started all this more than 10 years ago, without thinking about it too much. 



Tatanka Ptecila


The little "Tatanka" mini dragster is finally ready! Builded at night with some old friends, it was like been fourteen years old again, but with a big welding machine and beers...
Custom alu frame, home made pneumatic shifter and a completly stock (*blink) not at all tuned (*blink *blink) 50cc engine...
Next stop wheels and Waves, Biarritz, to partecipate at the "La Copita" race! See you there!


Big toys for big boys

Plan B Cars...

The smaller, the faster 
Emoticon grin
Once again, if it has wheels or a skirt...


The gentle art of making more complicated an otherwise simple task

The Bullet front fender 
Now I can happily hibernate till January.
Merry Christmas / Long live the Grinch

See you next year


A cubistic love story

Shaping this lines and edges worn out my body and mind, but I belive it was woth it.
All the fixing are internal, this means no bolts on the outside.
Yes, unfortunately the headlight cracked right at the end of the day, my fault, and yes, some blasphemity (a lot actually) were involved after that.
Not the final finish yet, but it is pretty smooth already.

Next: Gas tank and exhaust system

A stealthy Zero FX "BLACKBIRD" in the wild