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Time to push forward with some "tech" with the TR-1

After the superbike new front-emd and monoshock, it's time for the brakes ant the transmission.
So, at the front a 4 pot Brembo caliper, machined a bit and fully refurbished...

...with a 320mm floating brake rotor

Machined and spaced up to fit properly


At the back, once again, Brembo caliper and support from a Ducati Monster.

Ducati support is for a 245mm brake rotor... I needed to fit a 250mm.
So I had to "drop" it few millimiters down

Same spacing job, but this time I had to also change the bolt pattern

Then, with the fatter wheel at the back there were some interference problems between the chain and the tire... Also the original chain pitch was too big and heavy
So, for this I have to thank Kruger & Junginger that helped me with a custom made offset front sprocket to suit my needs.
A quick comparison between the two:
On the right the original and enormous one, on the left the new offset one in 520 pitch

All spaced and lined up




The Orange Project brakes

With the new rearsets I had to re-do the rear brake rod to make some room for the new exhaust. Then there was the problem of fitting a second spring for the drum brake and the brake light switch in a "discrete" position
So, I came up with this little contraption

The idea was to connect a double rod at the brake lever, one that pulls the drum brake and the other that pushes (and then pulls) to operate the second spring and the switch

Everything hidden behind the footpeg support and works pretty well.

I've Also modified an old HD lever to work with an idraulic master cylinder at the front and match the clutch's one.


Thanks to:
Rocket Garage
Lucky Cat Garage
Sabina Kelley
Hotrod Bizarre