The gentle art of making more complicated an otherwise simple task

The Bullet front fender 
Now I can happily hibernate till January.
Merry Christmas / Long live the Grinch

See you next year


A cubistic love story

Shaping this lines and edges worn out my body and mind, but I belive it was woth it.
All the fixing are internal, this means no bolts on the outside.
Yes, unfortunately the headlight cracked right at the end of the day, my fault, and yes, some blasphemity (a lot actually) were involved after that.
Not the final finish yet, but it is pretty smooth already.

Next: Gas tank and exhaust system


Movin' out - Movin' in

I'm moving to the new workshop finally

Say goodbye to the old "Plan B Cave"...

...and say hello to the new "Plan B Headquarter" !

Not fully operative yet, but it feels just like home already



So, super busy time... no time to explain, 

Just check the pics from this year's Glemseck101.
What a blast!