The Sonic salt flats dream

Ok, someone teased me with this crazy idea, so I decided to try. 
Please help me spread this around to make this dream come true. 

Rewards and more details in the link below.
And may the spirit of Burt Munro be with you all!



The Dirt-One turn signals

I wanted to keep everything as CLEAN as possible (even if it's called the DIRT one...) and the turn signals are always a bit of a problem to "hide", even more if they are street legal. 

So, quite easy at the front, mounted "bar-end" style with two small aluminum adaptor and the wires through the handlebar.

 For the back I've built two supports to be welded on the frame

The wires passes through the mounting hole and through the frame



The Orange Project rear monoshock upgrade

The Orange Project and the TR-1 share basically the same frame so, like I did before with the TR-1,  I decided to upgrade the rear monoshock  on the Orange too.
I took the chance to raise the whole bike a bit and "re-do the math" for the front rake angle.
Yes, I know, she doesn't look good

After a bit of machining..

...everything is ready.
On the right the original monoshock, on the left the new multi-adjustable one taken from a Yamaha R1...with an orange spring of course....

All in place, checking the new height

Back on its wheels

A big thank you to my friend Emanuele who helped me with the whole process

Shit happens...

Not my fault this time, I swear...

Now I have a new relic hanging on the workshop wall