Cyclopic head

I had no time to fill all the little holes and make an extra smooth surface, I'll do it just before the real paint job.

My "favourite pin-up ever" looks very bored in this one...

Over all I'm pretty happy with the results.


A big radiator leakage for my poor Elise...
...no track this week-end.

At least is a good opportunity to see her naked... and check a lot of other little stuff.


Different approaches

Two videos from Josh Clason about two very different philosopies: Wrecked Metals and JDM Legends
Two different ways to interpretate the 4 wheels (and not only that), but I think they're both really cool

Like a bullet

Windshield cutted, it was scary but easier than I thought

Mhh.. maybe I've chosen the wrong name for her...

A stealthy Zero FX "BLACKBIRD" in the wild