Batman called, he said he wants his bike back...

Pressed the fast-forward button today thanks to my friend Emanuele!

Finished the engine refreshing treatment, cleaned and closed with new seals etc.

Powdercoated frame


Thanks a lot Emanuele.


Just another "B"... only better!

Same design, same bike, same theory with the acid cocktail, but a slightly different procedure

Stayed like this for a couple of hours


This time it went very deep, but super clean.

Thanks again Feib!


It's raining - I'm welding

...Helps keep the moist out...

Anyway, as posted before, "Max's Thrux" is ready for the FASE 2 of the project.
That includes a full re-do of the bike's back section: new subframe, new seat and a monoshock conversion; that means a new swingarm and I'll start with that.

It isn't the first monoshock conversion on a Triumph Thruxton or Bonneville, but all the conversions around are using a direct-linked monoshock system or an extended swingarm,  and I don't want neither of those. 
Also, the Thruxton has the chain on the "wrong" side (right)...so it's basically impossible to find a direct swap swingarm replacement from another bike.


I really like the shape and the way the monoshock operates on the old Ducati 749/999's swingarm, it is also the same length as the Triumph one... So after some math, I decided to ditch the steel and go alluminium!

Nevertheless, it doesn't fit in the frame and the chain problem remains, so I had to cut (a lot) here and there to make it fit

All the right side has to be rebuilt, a lot to weld on the left side too.

Start making patches,

weld them in place

and grind some welds away

It's a long job.
To be continued...

(Using my own Thruxton as template/cavy)