Proto-Moto best in show at GranFerro 2012!!

The Proto won the "best in show" prize yesterday at the GranFerro 2012 Cafè Racer contest!!

Lots of great bikes and crazy builders! A whole day under the rain, but we met a lot of new and old friends.
A special thank you to Stefano Ottonero, Bear "34 and the "Scuderia del Sale" guys and Maurizio-scintilla-Vettor from "Cafè Racer" and "Playboy" magazine.
Also a big thanks to my two good friends Fabio and Macà for the support and for the "Plan B Road Trip"!

Proto-Moto sound check

Thanks Fabio!



A little cleaning and detabbing on the lower part of the frame in order to welding two downpipe supports.
Not an usual solution, but it worked!



The Proto is getting ready for the "Gran Ferro" this Sunday!
Hoping for good weather...
See you there!