Proto-Moto best in show at GranFerro 2012!!

The Proto won the "best in show" prize yesterday at the GranFerro 2012 Cafè Racer contest!!

Lots of great bikes and crazy builders! A whole day under the rain, but we met a lot of new and old friends.
A special thank you to Stefano Ottonero, Bear "34 and the "Scuderia del Sale" guys and Maurizio-scintilla-Vettor from "Cafè Racer" and "Playboy" magazine.
Also a big thanks to my two good friends Fabio and Macà for the support and for the "Plan B Road Trip"!

Proto-Moto sound check

Thanks Fabio!



A little cleaning and detabbing on the lower part of the frame in order to welding two downpipe supports.
Not an usual solution, but it worked!