The Orange illumination

Well, while I was working on the Dirt-One wiring, 

I had an idea for the Orange Project headlight...

Because a 5 3/4" headlight looked too small, a 6 1/2" too big and is almost impossible to find a good 6" headlight, I decided to enlarge a 5 3/4" to 6"...
That also gave me the opportunity to change the shape a little.



Now it looks just right

Then was the time for the brackets, made by cutting and welding two book shelf supports

These would be only the prototypes, I'll make the real ones with the same shape but from a solid piece of alluminium

All painted black

I think she looks pretty mean

I haven't painted the inside because I like the strange reflection of the glass on the alluminium

Position lights

High beam

Allright, now back to these two girls...


Black Beauties

After some days of road tests, Max's Thrux "fase one" is now complete and back to its owner.

During one test/road trip I stopped by my friend Davide and he took some photos of the bike side by side to a (monster) car he is working on, a Westfield Seight V8 in total black.
They seem made one for each other.

Bye bye Thrux, see you this next winter for the "fase two".