The Orange Project: from rear to front

For the front wheel spoke conversion I've found a pretty solid rim and hub from a dirt bike. 
Yes, it's a rear wheel, but the rim width was perfect for the occasion.

The hub was the problem, too big and a bit ugly to fit the forks, so I decided to work it a little removing the unnecessary bits and shaving the rest.

After a little polishing it's time for the reassembling.

 Now it looks the part!

New bearings and test fit. Looking good!

Next: a new wheel rod


New Plan B headquarter

There is a reason behind these two-weeks-radio-silence,
I've moved all the bikes and stuff in a new place. 
Actually, I moved the workshop about 50 meters top, and the new space is only slighty bigger than the other one, but it has its own door, so...

New workshop/Old mess!
There still are boxes and bags all around, but it feels like home already!

Now back to work!


From France with "love"

A TR-1 has arrived, in pretty bad shape

New project on its way for Mr. D.

It's hard to belive they are almost the same bike...