New entry in the family

It's old, needs some works and the spooky weather doesn't help the look...
It'll be the official Plan Motorcycles service truck!!


The Sumo front fender

I've mounted a roda legal tyre on the Sumo, but this caused a big problem

The front fender looked too high, almost good for an off-road bike... 

so, after some cutting-bending-welding etc.


It now looks just fine 

Thank you Enrico!


Sorry, I've had some problems with the internet connection, so I decided to make a late random selection of the Verona's pics.
We are very happy to have finally met Inazuma Luke, Corra, Raffaele and the crazy Sakè Racer!
Thank you to all the people we've met for the precious tips and advices, see you soon!!

A special thanks go to Uli Brée who invited us to this year Tridays event


Live and direct from Verona

We arrived yesterday safe and sound!

It was a very long trip, a lot of fog and traffic, but finally the bike was in place.

We've finally met Orazio "Rocket" and talked about bikes (what else?)

Met Mr "McDeeb" and his beautiful bikes, I've learned so much in such a very short time! Thank you Fabrizio!!

 I've also finally met "Il  Capo" and his Honda Cafè

and "Vezza" with his "Flying-Triumph"

And that was only the first day...
As always beautiful girls and crazy stuff

More will come tomorrow