Rev counter

The original speedo/rev counter ensemble have been dismantled, and the rev counter have been inserted into a milk-jug from an Ikea's tea-set. I'll need an other bracket to stabilize the structure.
Probably warning lights are going to go in the headlamp.


Experiments to find the definitive headlamp. This is from an old citroen 2cv.... seems right to me



After a precious advice (thanks to Stefano from Ottonero.blogspot.com) I've decided to better explain some of the works I'm doing on my bike. I've also decided to show some pictures of  the whole bike, to let you get an idea of the expected results.
At first I've started to strip down the XT and tried to modify it to meet my personal taste. this first setup was temporary, but it helped to define the way to go...

"Scrambler style" with a Ducati seat and XS tank

Adding some clip-ons and new forks

New wheels, new seat and a shorter monoshock

The next day..

A bit of paint and some more few details

All this had been done in my dusty garage but once the idea was setted, the real work began. The garage wasn't enought anymore, so here is were Marco jumps in the game with his machine shop and his experience with lathe and mill.
So, here we are with the naked frame ready to build an almost new bike.

A lot of work to do and never enought time

Before disassembling the bike we decided to start it up to check the noise

The meaning of "Pure Driving"

One of my favourite movie ever