The Dirt-One acid engraved logo

Still working on refreshing the engine look on The Dirt-One, so me and my friend Feib from "Genuine alien technology" decided to try something a bit different and use acid engraving to "print" a custom made logo on the cam belt cover.
After several attempts, this is the first result

The cool part is that it change a bit depending on the light and it will age along with the bike varying colors and shapes.

More acid-works to come.
Thanks a lot Feib! 


The Dirt-One fork guards

A good excuse to test some new tools...


Ok, I know it isn't that much without the engine in, but I'm working on that too...


The Orange Project tachometer (testing)

Stealed from the 4 wheel racing world...


...and inserted in the usual Plan-B-tacho-support with a "stealth" look

I like to have the chance to add the external shift light in the future.

Testing: the start-up procedure

"Il Japo" for The Sonic salt flats dream

The official (and beautifully made) poster for the Sonic salt flats dream by JAPO

Just a little reminder, if you haven't visited the link yet:, click HERE to read the full story of the project and how to contribute 

Please share as much as you can!

Double or nothing

A small change of plan for The Orange Project, nothing major, but I've decided to go with a twin exhaust
So, another silencer on the left side...

I still have to connect it to the previously made downpipe, but it should not be too complicated