The alu series - Versilia

The Orange Project and The Dirt-One are done, this mean two out -> two in...
While I'm finishing the TR-1 it's time to present you the second bike of the "alu series"

The Versilia
2003 Ducati 999

Yes, it has already some racing pedigree...
As I wrote before, it will be one of the two "alu series" bikes so, like The Bullet, I'm working on a full alluminium body, starting from the fairing. 

Then starting build a shape for the new gas tank

I usually like to work a lot on the frame and geometry of the bike, but in this case apart from the great weight loss and the Marchesini forged magnesium wheels, I think it's pointless... but don't worry, I have quite a surprise in store for you!
Stay tuned

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