The "Alu-series" updates

Sorry for the lack of photos, anyway, starting from The Bullet, the frame was shortened and the rake angle modified.

Then, the frame was modified at the back to change the position of the monoshock, wich is a new Showa unit, and the linkage system was built from scratch.
New Showa 43mm front end, new rims and a modified Benelli swingarm (mounted upside down)

The difference between the two frame is clearly noticeable. The Versilia on the left, The Bullet on the right

I'm also working at the same time on the two alluminium bodies, starting from the tanks and fairings

The seat position on The Versilia is moved forward a bit, along with the handlebars, to change the rider weight position on the bike. Also a set of magnesium Marchesini wheels will "add lightness" in the right place 


3 commenti:

David Reti ha detto...

Such an exciting build. You have amazing skills and can't wait to see how this turns out. Regards!

Plan B Motorcycles ha detto...

Thank you David!

bonobos marcos ha detto...

Wow this build is really well done! I haven't gotten my first motocycle yet, however this weekend I am picking up an 84 Honda shadow. I am excited to get into the world of motorcycles! One day I will be building things like this!