The Dirt-One number plate support

I really love "fastback" bikes, when the rear wheel extends over the seat but, for street use, a number plate is needed, unfortunately, and clearence problems with the rear wheel can occur on dumps etc.
So, some custom brackets were needed to move the number plate in a reasonable position.

I wanted to do all by hand (well, file really...), because I wanted to leave some marks and imprecision on the surface and in the shape to match the raw style of the bike

Speed holes, speed holes everywhere...

Well, not always the first design is the right one...
neither the second
or the third...

but finally you catch the right one!

Eventually I did use some milling, but just a little bit.

some buffing




The TR-1 rear shock conversion

In order to match the new front-end in performances, I decided to change the rear shock too. 
That allows me to play a bit with heights and geometry.
Decided to go with a fully adjustable Yamaha R1 mono shock

Converted with needle roller bearings on both ends

Suddenly a little space shuttle appeared...

This conversion plate fits into the original shock's mounting point and the "wings" slide in two "C" shaped supports welded to the frame

On its wheels


Jap attack

This week my lil' sister's bike was in the workshop for some adjustment

a good excuse for take it for a spin...