King Shinya

A bike should look good on its own– but it’s incomplete until a person rides it
For me a motorcycle is more than art
It’s something that brings out my instincts– the wildness and vulnerability in me
It feels nothing like how violent it looks from the outside
It’s very serene

The ground and the sky are so white, there is no boundary between them
I have never flown, but it feels like flying in an airplane using a reciprocating engine
I can’t tell you how peaceful it is

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Side covers

 I always liked to mix up different bikes elements, today I've found a couple of Triumph Thruxton's side cover

Needs some minor adjustments, but fits just fine.


Wiring mess: The brain

Finally a bit more tidy. The electrical madness is nearly over.

Everything checked, even the rev counter light.

Next step (the last one) is to reorder those wires swinging under the seat.


Signs of new life

The bike is far to be complete, but the temptation was much too large to resist...

The new engine started quite easily and sounds pretty loud!


Sabina, again!

If you want the "old school" paper magazine, buy a copy of INKED GIRLS vol.1 issue 3 here
Thanks to pinupgirlgallery.blogspot.com



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One problem almost solved

The new Nissin brake lever looked a way too modern and didn't match the clutch

 So I tried to figure out a solution.
First I've found a donor broken lever,

 dismantled and machined a bit.

Re-shape the vintage one

 then mix them together.

It needs more work but looks and feels fine