The Dirt-One acid engraved logo

Still working on refreshing the engine look on The Dirt-One, so me and my friend Feib from "Genuine alien technology" decided to try something a bit different and use acid engraving to "print" a custom made logo on the cam belt cover.
After several attempts, this is the first result

The cool part is that it change a bit depending on the light and it will age along with the bike varying colors and shapes.

More acid-works to come.
Thanks a lot Feib! 

2 commenti:

cibomatto ha detto...

ogni post, ogni avanzamento...ed è sempre Natale. Grazie Chris. E grazie Mr. Feib

Plan B Motorcycles ha detto...

Grazie, ma quì l'artista è il buon vecchio Feiib che mi sta introducendo a questa antica e complicata arte :-D
Comunque in progetto per la Dirtona ci sono altri particolari da fare con la stessa tecnica, stay tuned!