The TR-1 Top Yoke

In order to set the right ride height and bike geometry, I had to fabricate a new top yoke to raise the front end a bit

Halfway through


Machines are great, but nothing beat the "hand finish". So, after several hours of smoothing, sanding and buffing, here it is .

Actually this is only the first round of polishing, the detailng will be done later on the build.


Other than brace the forks in the new position, the round-ish design let the top yoke "hug" the usual Plan-B-tacho-pod and keep it closer to the rider.
There is still room for some pilot lights and toggle switches...

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James Boyd ha detto...

So awesome! Is that you're cnc, or do you outsource? If it's yours, how'd you get it? I'm so jealous of your abilities man! So cool!

Plan B Motorcycles ha detto...

Thanks! This is my friend's CNC... I'm quite lucky in this