Where the story began

After a Sunday afternoon  with my friends Fabio and Lorenz talking about our first motorcycles, I've found these old photos.
This was my very first "real" motorcycle, a really bad shaped 1983, 125cc Fantic Strada!

 It came for free and it was pretty fun to ride, but most important, it started all my interest about cafè racer and related stuff.
Because it was pretty ugly I started removing pieces, making it even uglier, but also lighter and maybe a bit faster (well...faster is really too much...but I also removed the tacho so...)
Then came clip ons, rearsets, bigger tires, a dirt bike tail light and a round headlamp from an unknown bike.

Yes, it became really crude, but I really loved that bike, it was easy and genuine.
I rode it so much, everywhere in any weather, and everytime something fell off. One day the front mudguard, another a piece of the airbox...but who cares!
Until one day I was really flat out and something broke really bad. Stuck engine and so the rear wheel.
I stayed on my foot, but the Strada fell on the ground.
Only minor damages, but the engine was gone and I had no money to fix it, so I parked it under a cover...waiting.
Now I really want it back and I'm wondering if I can turn it into a small scrambler or street tracker... I don't know.
Anyway thank you guys to make me remember it!

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Anonimo ha detto...

Molto Stiloso! Bellissima anche la lattina! Oltre alla vespa a vino c'e' anche il fantic a redbull...


Plan B Motorcycles ha detto...

Ahahah! è un crescendo, la prossima sarà a Jack Daniels.