One of man's best friend

In order to proceed with "Wiring mess: take four" I need some kind of plate to secure the coil, relais, rectifier, CDI unit etc.
So I started with a blank plate and some furious hammering...

And the result is....well...awful.
Ok but is just the beginning....it's a long way to go, maybe after some more hammering....
Mhhh, I guess I really need an english wheel for this.

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SakéRacer ha detto...

the result is good!

and remember...
hammers r for men!!
english wheels r for pussies!!!



Plan B Motorcycles ha detto...

Thanks! After the second hammering/sanding session it looks better, but it isn't perfect yet.
No english wheel then...hammers for life!!

SakéRacer ha detto...

si si si!!!

...e come dice il nostro amico dottor vale: