Italian Super Bicycles

These aren't just bicycles, this is art on wheels!
Sandro from Plasmacustom makes these terrific handmade artworks, not only super cool, but also full of technical goodies. 
Great job man!

Here with his "20s queen"

Winner of the 1st prize at COTY 2009

And this is his last creation: The hellcat

Winner of the 3rd prize at COTY 2010

Hell Cat – The challenge
Building the Hell Cat I wanted to create something atypical with respect to standard custom bicycles, totally different compared with the 20’s Queen.
The most important thing was structural and technical innovation. Building the frame I decided to eliminate the fork, creating a front hub from an aluminum block of 1Kg. So it’s an indirect steering system that allowed me to continue the frame till the pivot of the front wheel.
The back wheel as a 3 speed nexus gear and a perimeter disk oil brake, a distinctive element of Plasma Custom bicycles.
The frame is composed by a grid of tubes that makes it less heavy. It is painted with a white opaque color to give it a racing outlook. The saddle is an old 1930 Brooks, modified and provided with an oil shock absorber.
The frame remembers the jump of a feline with the back curved. For this reason I gave this bike the name Hell Cat.
(from choppernewsnetwork.com )

 Take a look here: 

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