The big Cherry-Salt paint survey

So, I need your help for a little survey:
The Buell "Cherry Salt" for this year's Glemseck 101 is ready for paint and my good friend Tworight Hands will handle the badass graphics for the bike. 

These are just some of the options, but I like them all! So I need everyone's help to find the most spectacular livery for the bike!
Also, if you want to come cheer for us in Germany and see the bike live, we have beer... a lot of it! 
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1 commento:

Miki ha detto...

io farei un mix tra la 04-bullet-ina e la 05-vogue mantenendo la vernice 'in movimento' PERFETTA per una moto del genere della 04 ma coi tondi porta numero e farfalla belli chiari ed evidenti della 05.
si capisce?