Just another "B"... only better!

Same design, same bike, same theory with the acid cocktail, but a slightly different procedure

Stayed like this for a couple of hours


This time it went very deep, but super clean.

Thanks again Feib!

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I need to know how to do this. Can you point me in the right direction?



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@cibomatto: Fuck yeah!

@burrows: You have to use a 50/50 mix of muriatic acid and H2o2. For the design you can use a sticker, paint,nail polish etc. Here we made the design on the PC and printed the negative mirrored image with a laser printer on photographic paper. Then you can transfer the toner with some heat (flatiron) on the metal. Heat it until the paper is "glued" to the metal, then wash it away with hot water. Cover the rest with tape or paint, then dip it in the solution (or pour on it like we do)and let it do its magic :-) The longer you leave it, the deeper the engrave will be, but it depends on how strong the acid is, the material you use, the external temperature and ..some luck... :-)
Right, when you are done wash it well and remove the toner with solvent. To stop the process for sure, after you have washed it you can cover the engrave with some baking soda for a couple of minutes, then wash it again.
You're good to go!
Hope it helps.

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is that store bought 10% muriatic or the 38% strong stuff??

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I use the cheap store one, but the % can vary from bottle to bottle even of the same brand. So every time is a bit different ;-)