The Orange Project rear monoshock upgrade

The Orange Project and the TR-1 share basically the same frame so, like I did before with the TR-1,  I decided to upgrade the rear monoshock  on the Orange too.
I took the chance to raise the whole bike a bit and "re-do the math" for the front rake angle.
Yes, I know, she doesn't look good

After a bit of machining..

...everything is ready.
On the right the original monoshock, on the left the new multi-adjustable one taken from a Yamaha R1...with an orange spring of course....

All in place, checking the new height

Back on its wheels

A big thank you to my friend Emanuele who helped me with the whole process

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roland ha detto...

clever, i like that

Plan B Motorcycles ha detto...

Thank you Roland! I did the same for the TR-1 few months ago. It's an easy and quite cheap way to increase the dynamic performance of the bike and change the rear eight.