Davide's Megabusa

Today I've met my friend Davide to see his new super toy...

This thing is simply amazing...it's really hard to explain, maybe because it isn't really a car, it doesn't feel like one.
This is something else, something better!!
At about 400 kg with a Suzuki Hayabusa engine under the hood, it make you cry! 
That noise at 10.000 rpm...and how it takes the corners!

No matter what, never sit in one of these...you will probably never want to drive anything else!

2 commenti:

ride4life ha detto...

questa macchina l'ho vista su llcc :)

Plan B Motorcycles ha detto...

Se riesci devi vederla (e magari provarla..) dal vivo perchè ti assicuro che merita!! Prova a contattare Davide, sicuramente sarà felice di conoscerti.