This is why...

Founded out why they used to reinforce the WR frames in this spot


It needs a good weld and a reiforce rod like this

Hope not to find other "cracks" after the sandblasting

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Milo ha detto...

they only reinforced the crom-moly frames used for flattrack as they were more brittle than the standard ones used on WRTTs. Another reason they did it was because the primary chain and rear wheel chain are on opposite sides. the primary chain pulls forward and the other side backwards which twists the gearbox and stresses the frame. although the brace didn't really help in this respect, a self-confessed mistake. was it cracked all the way through?

Plan B Motorcycles ha detto...

Hey thank you man! I really like this kind of comment, I've learned something good today!
It isn't cracked all the way through, the bottom part still connected.
Any idea about how to fix it correctly and for good?
I think I'll weld the braces anyway, to add a little strenght, I don't think it could be a bad thing, right?