This is what you can find in a top floor (if you are very lucky) disassembled in small pieces, covered with dust, spider webs and bat's guano...

It's a 1941 (probably) Harley Davidson WL. Unfortunately there is no engine...and it also missed the sidecar, but it has the original number plate and all the papers.
At the moment it's at "Rat Bike Service" garage (http://www.ratbikeservice.com  http://ratbikeservice.blogspot.com) to figure out what to do.

The only sure thing it's that it will be a very large money hole

I'd like to turn it into something like this

This is probably the best looking bobber I've ever seen
It's a 1200 'U' by James of "Custom from Jamesville"

He's always very busy, but you can find him here: http://customsfromjamesville.blogspot.com/

I'd also like something like this "contaminated" bobber...
or, why not, something like this rat Shovelhead by RatBike service

I'm confused... this is not my world, but I can't ignore this sign from the "God of bikes"...

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Anonimo ha detto...

Merci pour ta visite, je te dis bravo pour ton travail sur ta prépa & puis pour ton histoire de Wl 38 qui fait bien rêver et pourquoi pas te retaper ton laté toi méme ???
Es que tu a une adress Face book ???? Merci Aldo46f.

Plan B Motorcycles ha detto...

Merci pour tu complimentes ! pour WL elle est en train de partir une collaboration avec l'atelier "ratbike service". elles sont experte sur ces chassis et moteurs et sûrement je peux apprendre quelque chose. Je n'ai pas une adresse facebook mais je pense en faire vite un. dès qu'il est online je te le donne. salut